TV & Cinema Academy
TV & Cinema Academy February 20, 2014

Prosthetics - Aging - Wigs - Beauty - Special Effects

TV & Cinema Academy The Movie

TV & Cinema Academy

February 20, 2014

Prosthetics - Aging - Wigs - Beauty - Special Effects




EUROPEAN LEADER IN MAKE-UP EDUCATION SINCE 2002, THE PARIS MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy spreads its wings in the Movie and TV industries. Setting up the Cinema Academy at the Cité du Cinéma seemed an obvious move: the Cité brings together all the occupations and professionals of the industry. 

AT THE CITE DU CINEMA, OUR STUDENTS HAVE THE HUGE PRIVILEGE OF LEARNING ALONGSIDE TOP PROFESSIONALS, in an extraordinary world. They benefit from numerous qualitative internships in order to experiment the real backstage working conditions and build their professional networks.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN DESIGNED FOR EXPERIENCED MAKE-UP ARTISTS willing to enter those special worlds. Teachers are recognized professional experts of the industry: movie and TV Make-up Artists, SFX and prosthetics specialists, wigs and postiches artists. International Masters will be invited for conferences and seminars for weekend courses.

THE CINEMA ACADEMY'S PROGRAMS ARE OPEN TO JUNIOR OR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTISTS who are graduated of a make-up college (or can prove solid professional experience) and wish to specialize in TV and Cinema make-up. Two trainings are available: long training (bilingual, 6,5 months) and intensive trainings (1 to 3 weeks). Intakes and trainee groups are kept at a small scale in order to deliver a very personalized education.

OUR AIM IS THAT, WHEN THEY LEAVE THE ACADEMY, THESE MAKE-UP ARTISTS WILL BE RECOGNIZED for their command of technical skills that are particularly appropriate to Television and Cinema. Our students will then be recognized for their creativity alongside substantial work experiences, their ability to work as part of a team and to blend into the intimate world of actors with endless respect and humility.


Next intake: April 3rd, 2015. Discover our Program


For more information please contact Adrien Potencier:

00 33 1 55 84 20 60 /


Discover our brochure! TV_Cinema_Academy_Brochure.pdf

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