step by step instructions


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To moisturize, prepare and protect your skin apply a primer with your fingers all over the face, starting from the center of the face working outwards.

Products used in photo: HD Elixir, HD Primer

Alternative products: All Mat, UV Prime


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Start by applying your appropriate foundation formula from the center of the face and working outwards, blend into the ears.

Continue with the chin, blending into the jawline and neck.

Follow with the forehead, blending evenly into the hairline. Don’t forget the area around the eyes.

Products used in photo: HD Foundation, Foundation Brush

Alternative products: Face & Body, Liquid Lift Foundation, Mat Velvet+


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Apply contour in the hallow of the face with a darker shade then your skin tone.

Behind the ears along the jawbone, sweep towards the chin and blend upwards.

Begin application at the hairline (at the middle of the ear) and blend slightly towards the mouth to sculpt the cheek and blend it upwards to emphasize the cheekbone.

Blend next to the temple from the hairline towards the forehead.

Products used in photo: Pro Finish, Foundation Kabuki

Alternative products: Sculpting Kit, Mat Bronze

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Give your complexion a soft mat finish and fix your foundation by applying powder, starting at the center of the face, working outwards using sweeping movements. Don’t powder over your Highlights to keep this part very glowy.

Products used in photo: HD Powder, Foundation Kabuki

Alternative products: Super Matte Loose Powder, Velvet Finish