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Julieta Vidal - Academy Student of the Month By Jha Villanueva
Julieta Vidal - Academy Student of the Month

Julieta Vidal - Academy Student of the Month

By Jha Villanueva

“I was certain…it was something that I had to do.” Such powerful words coming from our student of the month Julieta Vidal. She, of course, was referring to that incessant nagging feeling one gets when they are passionate about something, and for Julieta it was makeup artistry.

This passion was put on display and earned her top marks for the class aging photo shoot. Her character was very reminiscent of home, depicting an aging Argentinian tango dancer. For Julieta this was probably the most memorable moment at the academy since her father modeled for her. Initially he just came for a visit but decided last minute to prolong his stay.  What made this special was that they both shared the experience of creating a character and her father got to see the intricacies of a makeup artist. They collaborated on adding a hat and scarf to accessorize. Technically, Julieta was being very careful not to overdo the latex since there is a fine line to portraying a character that was to be shot on a hi-definition camera.
Needless to say the result was a huge success! The pictures came out very clean and well done.

Her journey started in her home country of Argentina. Coming from a family of professionals, a career as a makeup artist seemed like a far-fetched notion to her. But she felt so strongly about it that she persevered. She finished a year long curriculum in cosmetology in Argentina but found it lacking. Though not for appreciation for the course, she found the topic of human anatomy and physiology very useful as it familiarized her with her future canvas. She had very artistic tendencies, but like many of us in this field, she wasn’t sure which medium best suited her. She wanted a career that would grant her artistic freedom as well as the ability to travel extensively - Julieta was wanderlust at heart.

She then decided to scout for schools in New York. It was actually a family member that suggested she visit MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy. The rest is history - the moment she stepped into the academy doors, she fell in love, she knew that this was it! Excited for things to come she researched about Dany Sanz’s story and what came afterwards was a revelation - her biggest mystery solved, a school that merged 2 of her passions (art and makeup). She knew that the academy would stretch her capabilities and will require nothing less than the best from her. She had not made plans to stay that October (her intention was originally just to scout for schools), but after her interview with Floriane David, she HAD to be in the January 2014 Master’s Program.
When asked whether it was a difficult and scary move, Julieta was all smiles and said “Maybe on the weekends…sometimes, but not really. We have such an international class, and I love my classmates.” The challenging part for her though was probably the portfolio building week.

They did back to back photo shoots and it was hectic. But no matter how easy or difficult the task was, Julieta felt that the educators were very encouraging and helpful that she wasn’t left wanting for more. Additionally, citing Floriane as her favorite artist because she has the right balance of personality and professionalism that Julieta wants to emulate in the future.

So what’s next for our starry-eyed wanderer? Travel to France, take classes from the Paris academy and learn French. With such dedication to her goals and a talent to match, we’re sure Julieta will become a world-wide phenom in the years to come! Your MAKE UP FOR EVER  Academy tribe wishes you all the best, we are proud of you!!