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Kelsey Pattberg - Academy Student of the Month May 15, 2014

March MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy New York Student of the Month

Kelsey Pattberg - Academy Student of the Month

May 15, 2014

March MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy New York Student of the Month

What does Jennifer Lawrence, Jessa (from Girls), and Justin Beiber have in common? They all have been slated as doppelgängers for our March student of the month Kelsey Pattberg (the Justin reference was as a joke for when the class had beard application day). It was to be my first ever encounter with her, so secretly I was praying that she was gonna be easy to talk to...and easy it was. Kelsey exudes this ultra-calm and cool demeanor that makes you want to instantly be her friend, such a breath of fresh air.

Hailing from New Jersey, our student of the month is no stranger to the arts having been a dancer her whole life. She has tackled tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, even hula hooping to name a few and now she is taking on makeup artistry. Realizing early on, 8th grade to be exact, that she is meant to have a career in one. It was probably her early introduction into performing arts that ignited this passion. Initially, just doing her dance team mates’ makeup, and then progressing onto doing more events such as proms and weddings. Balancing studies, makeup gigs and being captain of her dance team, Kelsey handled them all with such finesse and with the same composed attitude. Immediately after college she did a brief stint at Sephora - it was there that she discovered MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy from a co-worker and decided to apply. Although she looked at other potential schools, her interview sealed the deal. She felt an instantaneous connection with Floriane and the school and was never more happier than we she was told she got in.

It was no wonder then, that when presented with their first assessment she gravitated towards The Wizard of Oz theme (refer to performance art background.) Developing her cowardly lion character was not easy though, not for lack of ideas but instead because of overwhelming possibilities. Her design underwent several revisions but with some support from Floriane, she was able to clear her mind and come up with an avant-garde design which placed her top of her class.

When asked what her signature style was, she immediately quipped - BROWS! No wonder her assessment piece featured a beautiful silhouette of a vogue-worthy brow. Her next conquest? Mastery of lip technique, citing she wants hers to be as perfect as Emily’s, one of the educators at the academy.  And maybe a unicorn in the next assessment? Definitely a possibility with Kelsey’s limitless imagination.

Now that they have cleared the Beauty/Fashion module, she is now thoroughly enjoying the gore of Film and TV, the guest speakers and all her classmates. She mused that they have such an international class with colleagues spanning the globe and how everyone is just darling.  Getting the sense of camaraderie early on, their class still finds time to enjoy despite the hectic schedule, insert hilarious beard day application alter egos here.

Confiding that her favorite will probably be the Artistic module that is coming up, we cannot wait to see the inspiring creations you come up with. So to our lovely Kelsey, we raise our glasses to your success at the academy and beyond. With both an unmistakable talent and a beautiful personality, this one is one to watch out for.