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Mickayla Pence - Academy Student of the Month (June)
Mickayla Pence - Academy Student of the Month (June)

Mickayla Pence - Academy Student of the Month (June)

Congratulations on being chosen as the student of the month. What do you think set your work apart from your classmates in the last assessment? Walk us through this process. 

I think what set my work apart from my classmates in the last assessment was my attention to detail when creating a character for film/television. My ultimate goal was to create a wind burned climber that looked very realistic. I spent many weeks researching rugged mountain climbers and people who have been exposed to the cold for an extended period of time.  I did my best to recreate chapped skin using the Flash Palette, Liquid Latex, and 3rd Degree.  I practiced this look many times before the assessment to perfect my skills and refine the overall look.

Tell me about your background before attending MAKE UP FOR EVER NY.

Before attending the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy NY, I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Marshall University in 2011 and planned to move out of West Virginia to build my career in NYC. 

Have you always wanted to become a makeup artist or have any past interest in the arts?

My interest in the arts started from a very young age when I was taught to paint by my grandmother. As I got older, my passion for art was a prominent factor in my decision to major in graphic design while in college. However, after a few years working in this field, I began to accept the fact that I did not like staring at a computer screen and decided to explore other passions of mine within the creative industry.  Makeup is something that I have always enjoyed applying on myself and decided to look into how to become a makeup artist. The MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy is just the start of my new career path and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the program has in store!

What made you decide to come to MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy NY campus?

I decided to come to MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy NY campus after researching several makeup artistry programs in the NYC area. I had moved to NY one year prior to attending the academy and wanted to find the best academy to suit my interests. MAKE UP FOR EVER fulfilled all outlets I wished to pursue and knew from the moment I entered the facility that it was the best fit for me.

It was a bold move moving into NY all by yourself. How have you been finding it so far?

NY is an amazing place full of eager, young professionals and endless opportunities. I am confident that this is the place where I will begin my career in this amazing industry!

How would you describe your makeup style?

I would describe my makeup style as clean and sometimes edgy. I prefer simplicity over clutter and pay attention to detail while working toward perfection.

As an artist, sometimes the hardest thing is finding new inspiration for your work. Where do you go to for that?

I find inspiration everywhere I go and from the people I meet. Creativity and inspiring thoughts come to me while observing my environments as well as research using the internet, books, and television.

To date what has been the most challenging experience you've had at the academy?

The most challenging part at the academy so far is working toward absolute precision, clean makeup, and symmetry.

What has been the most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of the academy so far is the self fulfillment I have gained from pursuing my goal of becoming a makeup artist. The satisfaction I feel now that I am following my true passion is indescribable.

There are a million and one MAKE UP FOR EVER products, what are your top 5?

I have a lot of favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER products, but my top five are: Face & Body foundation, Compact Shine On, Aqua Black, Star Powder, and Super Matte Loose Powder.

What are your future plans after graduating from the academy?

My plan after graduating is to explore every makeup opportunity that comes my way so that I may gain experience in a variety of makeup artistry fields. I am particularly interested in makeup for film and would like to pursue it further once I become more established as an artist.

If you could assist any established makeup artist, who would it be and what is it about
him/her that you admire the most?

If I could assist any established makeup artist it would be Robin Mathews. She is best known for the Academy Award she received for best makeup/hairstyling in Dallas Buyers Club. Her keen eye for detail and the impressively tiny budget she was given to create this amazing makeup is something that I find truly admirable.

Describe in one word how your experience at the academy has been so far.

In one word, my experience at the academy has been INSPIRING!