HD Concealer

Invisible Cover Concealer                             

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An oil-free, medium-coverage concealer that covers imperfections while remaining invisible to high-definition televisions and the naked eye.

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Step by Step

Developed in partnership with film and TV technicians to meet the demands of professional makeup artists and everyday women. HD cameras magnify and exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles, imperfections, shine and make-up mistakes. An HD Complexion is the only way to be invisible to high-definition cameras and the naked eye for the most naturally flawless complexion.

Steps 2 / 7:

Apply to the entire face in smoothing movements from the middle of the face outwards.  

Steps 3 / 7: Unify

Apply the Foundation from the middle of the face outwards in upward movements to lift features.  

Steps 4 / 7:

Apply the product to the crease of the eye using the brush, then blend with the Foundation to avoid any makeup lines.  

Steps 5 / 7: Finish

Classic blush application: Apply the blush on top of the cheekbone. Begin at the hairline and blend inwards to the apple of the cheek.  

Steps 6 / 7:

Apply the powder in smoothing movements from the middle of the face outwards, including the eye area. With a clean Kabuki Brush, remove any excess powder.

Steps 7 / 7: Result

The complexion is even and smoothed, the soft focus effect diminishes imperfections and fine lines for an optimal result in High Definition.


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Love this concealer!

I have just started using the HD Concealer, and I am completely obsessed! It instantly blurs fine lines under my eyes and immediately covers without feeling too heavy! Perfect concealer!

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Hangover happiness

Lightweight, yet hides it all without looking heavy or Cakey! It's so beautiful I wish I could cover my entire body in it!!

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Natural Eyes

This concealer is great. It gives me just enough coverage without looking heavy under my eyes. It's hydrating so my wrinkles don't look dry and accentuated. I even apply it on my upper lid to even out the color.

Where would we be without HDC?

If you haven't experienced all the glory that is HD Concealer, you haven't lived beauty. This product conceals, hydrates, luminizes, de-puffs and is my secret weapon to under-eye luxury.