Blue Sepia False Lashes   

A limited edition faux lash set with blue strass.



Dany has chosen color for Fall 2013, Petrol Blue is a deep, intense and luminous peacock blue. Its sublime tone puts the finishing touch on this elegantly sophisticated collection, supported by caressing sepia tones: copper fawn, warm coffee, light pink, espresso, and metallic taupe.

Steps 2 / 8:

Apply shade #98 to the outer corner of the eye and blend softly to join the Petrol Blue shade.

Steps 3 / 8:

Apply shade #28 to the inner corner and blend to meet in the crease.

Steps 4 / 8:

Apply shade #128 to lightly shape the crease and blend up towards the brow.

Steps 5 / 8:

Apply a pop of shade #152 under the arch of the brow and blend with the shade #128.

Steps 6 / 8:

Using  brush 214, apply shade #04 in the crease and under lower lashes, forming a soft “banane” shape. Blend towards the center.

Steps 7 / 8:

Apply the Petrol Blue shade under lower lash line. Blend softly to join shade #04.

Steps 8 / 8: Result

Apply Smoky Extravagant Mascara. Using brush 270, fill in eyebrows with shade #17 or #127.


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