Pro Only Access October 1, 2013

Pro Only Access

October 1, 2013

MAKE UP FOR EVER once again leads the beauty industry into the next era of makeup innovation and technology. As the original pioneer of the HD makeup category, MAKE UP FOR EVER continues to redefine and elevate beauty standards with the launch of its new ULTRA HD FOUNDATION, the first and only foundation designed for the demands of 4K technology. With 4K technology, the next generation of digital devices will display images with unbelievable detail, stunning clarity, and heightened color than existing HD technology. Completely invisible under the latest, ultra-magnified resolution, these innovative foundation formulas look completely natural on camera – and to the naked eye.

We’ve asked our Pro Educator, Jessie Powers, to share her insights on working with our new Ultra HD Foundation and her pro tips for working artists.


Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is now numbered according to undertone and depth of color. Shades labeled with “R” have a red undertone and shades labeled with a “Y” have a yellow undertone. Depth of color is indicated by the number next to the undertone letter.

  • 200s = Light Skin Tones
  • 300s = Medium Skin Tones
  • 400s = Tan Skin Tones
  • 500s = Dark Skin Tones

For film and television we recommend choosing foundation shades from the “R” red undertone group.  These shades will add life to the complexion and will help prevent skin tones from looking sallow on camera, whether in natural outdoor or studio lighting.  These colors will look warmer to the naked eye but will read true to skin tone on camera.


  • R220
  • R303
  • R360
  • R420
  • R520
  • Y535


The Skin Equalizer range is strongly recommended to improve both skin texture and color correction in 4K formats.  Radiance Skin Equalizers balance and color correct skin tone allowing for more minimal use of foundation and overall coverage.  Texture Skin Equalizers help to absorb excess oil and prevent shine and glare, helping to reduce the overall use of powder.


  • #1 Mattifying – Ideal for the T-Zone and any area that typically requires repeat powdering
  • #2 Smoothing – Ideal for enlarged pores or deep lines
  • #6 Pink – Ideal to correct olive or yellowish discoloration on fair and light skin tones
  • #8 Peach – Ideal to correct olive or yellowish discoloration on medium skin tones
  • #9 Caramel – Ideal to correct bluish or olive discoloration on tan and dark skin tones


HD Cream Blush adds color without any perceptible makeup texture.  It can be used to help reduce the use of talc based color that may show more product texture in 4K formats.  It’s ideal to use as a blush, bronzer or soft contour.  Certain colors may also be used where more intense color correction is needed.  Must have colors include:

  • #225 – Light peach ideal for blush on fair to medium skin tones and as color correction
  • #335 – Neutral pink/brown ideal for use as a soft contour on light to medium skin tones
  • #310 – Rose ideal for natural flush on fair to tan skin tones
  • #410 – Coral ideal for use as blush on tan skin tones or as color correction
  • #510 – Tangerine ideal for use as blush on dark skin tones or as color correction


As we transition to 4K and 8K film and video, nuances in color saturation, temperature, range and richness are more noticeable. Cosmetic products appear more saturated and skin tones may look more yellow/olive than they do to the naked eye.  Subtle skin discolorations appear more pronounced.  Chromatic Mix color adjusters are a great kit addition and partner for Ultra HD Foundation allowing the artist to quickly shift complexion color temperature or depth as needed.

Extend the color range of your foundations for in-between skin tones with Chromatic Mix color adjusters.  Start with one to two drops of Chromatic Mix and blend with foundation or concealer to create custom skin tones.  These adjusters are concentrated and the bottles are small, allowing you to extend the range of foundation colors you carry without adding weight or bulk to your kit.

  • #11 White – Lighten foundation
  • #12 Yellow – Adjust red based foundation to neutral or yellow undertone
  • #14 Red – Adjust yellow based foundations to neutral or yellow undertone
  • #15 Brown – Darken foundation or create neutral to skin tone contour


These are tips I would recommend for anyone working outside TV/Film.
Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is designed for a natural finish on most skin types. 
If your skin type is oily, I recommend applying a thin layer of Mattifying Skin Equalizer to the areas of your complexion where shine develops quickly, then applying Ultra HD Liquid.

If your skin type is dry I recommend applying a layer of NourishingSkin Equalizer to the entire complexion followed by Ultra HD Liquid.
If your skin type is extremely dry and foundation often settles into fine lines or pores I recommend applying a thin layer of Face & Body foundation followed by Ultra HD Liquid.

Ultra HD Liquid Foundation will naturally give medium coverage but can be layered to build fuller coverage.  For best results I like to use a combination of a flat brush and sponge.  Flat brushes apply a generous amount of product and are ideal for pressing to build coverage. I often also use a dense sponge like the Ellipse Sponge to press additional foundation into the skin, gently building coverage over distressed areas or dry skin. 

About Jessie Powers:

While working with MAKE UP FOR EVER Jessie has experienced working both on camera and behind the scenes in HD, Ultra HD and 4K formats. She has lived the challenges that increasing technological innovation presents to both makeup artists and on-camera talent whether in a studio, on location or in extreme close up.

In addition to her own experience with makeup in these video formats she also regularly corresponds with artists who specialize in film & television, seeking out their challenges and expertise.