Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1Eternal Goddess

1. Apply your Ultra HD Foundation using Brush 122. Create a glow using Pro Light Fusion N2.

2. On bare skin, line the upper and lower lash lines as well as the waterline using Aqua XL D-12 Diamond Black. Create “brackets” on the inner and outer corners of the eyelid using Aqua XL D12 Diamond Black. Blend using Brush 216.

3. Apply Artist Shadow ME-624 Black Gold over top to create depth. Define brows with Aqua Brow.

4. Apply Artist Shadow I-414 Yellow Ivory and Pro Light Fusion N2 on the center of the eyelid and brow bone using Brush 226 to create highlight.

5. Add a generous coat of Excessive Lash mascara and layer with Lash Show C-708.

6.Use Aqua Lip 3C and lipstick Artist Plexi Gloss 100 P all over the lips.


1. Apply your Ultra HD Foundation stick. Create highlights using lipstick Artist Rouge C-600 White and set with HD Powder. Contour the face using Artist Shadow M-618 Espresso and intensify highlights using Artist Shadow ME-122 Snow.

2. Draw small dots on the upper cheekbones using Aqua XL M-16 Matte White & create “muzzle” using Aqua Black with Brush 250.

3. Apply Aqua XL M-16 Matte White on the eyelid up to the crease and set with Artist Shadow ME-122 Snow.

4. Apply Aqua XL D-62 Diamond Brown in the crease of the eye using a winged-shape technique.

5. Apply the cat eyeliner technique using Aqua Black. Connect the outer corners creating a line towards the nose.

6. Apply a generous coat of Aqua Smoky Extravagant mascara and layer with Lash Show N-405. Finish look by applying Aqua XL D62 Diamond Brown and lipstick Artist Rouge C-600 White on the lips.


1. Highlight cheekbones, nose and chin with Pro Light Fusion N1.

2. Apply Artist Shadow S-402 Mimosa on the eyelids using Brush 226. Define the lower lash line and the crease with Aqua XL M-10 Matte Black and blend.

3. Apply a heavy Cat Eyeliner while over exaggerating the inner and outer corner. Draw brows using Aqua Black.

4. Apply Artist Shadow ME-744 Capucine on outer corner and stretch into the crease with Brush 216. Intensify the glow on the eyelid with Pro Light Fusion N2 and Brush 242.

5. Apply a generous layer of Excessive Lash Mascara and layer with Lash Show C-709. Finish the look by applying lipstick Artist Rouge C-604.