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Our Tools, Your Rules - Mimi Choi

Our Tools, Your Rules - Mimi Choi

Mimi is a Vancouver-based professional makeup artist renowned for her unique artistic style.  Since graduating from Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2014, her pioneering illusionary work has garnered international attention and a large following on social media.  Mimi was born in Macau - a former Portuguese colony on the southeast coast of China known for its distinct European and Chinese influences.  She immigrated to Canada with her parents in the mid 90’s where she now practices and teaches her craft.

Like her birthplace, Mimi’s inspiration stems from various sources.  This includes patterns and textures from her surroundings, photoshopped digital art, and surreal paintings from artists such as Salvador Dali.  In addition, Mimi uses her bouts of sleep paralysis, in which she experiences vivid hallucinations, to fuel her imagination.  These often frightening visions have inspired many of her distorted face looks.  She avoids viewing the works of other makeup artists however, as she believes that doing so will stunt her creativity.  Instead, Mimi prefers to use her past works as a benchmark of her progress and maturity as an artist.

Coupled with her background and previous career as an educator, Mimi now instructs at Blanche Macdonald and leads various masterclasses where she demonstrates her iconic looks.  She also freelances as the artistic director for various campaigns and her CV includes collaborations with brands such as Make Up For Ever, Samsung, and Capitol Records to name a few.  When she is not creating illusions, Mimi offers private lessons as well as bridal makeup and hair services throughout the year.

Although Mimi is relatively new to the industry, she hopes to continue to confuse and inspire her followers.  She is grateful for the opportunities that have arisen so far and is excited to see how her art will evolve over time.

Learn more about Mimi’s story: @mimles