Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1Bold Color

Step1: Contour your lips with Aqua Lip #17C Orange, blend it with Precision Lip Brush #300.

Step2: Apply Artist Acrylip to the centre of the lips blending it slightly outwards to get a shadow effect with Precision Lip Brush #300.




Tip /

If needed apply Rouge Artist Intense #40 on top of Aqua Lip #17C to add comfort and intensity.


2Child Play

Step1: Contour your lips with Aqua Lip #15C.

Step2: Apply Artist Lip Blush  all over the lips.

Step3: Use Precision Lip Brush # 300 to create a wave with Artist Lip Balm on the upper and lower lips.

Step4: Repeat the Step3 with Artist Acrylip.


Step1: Apply Ultra HD Foundation on the lips by using Ellipse Sponge. Fix it with HD Loose Powder by using Powder puff.

Step2: Draw the borders of a triangle by using the edge of Artistic Angled Brush #404 and applying Artist Acrylip to get a perfect symmetry.

Step3: Gently tap the interior of the triangle with the brush #404 to create dots of different sizes and get a texture effect.

4Perfect sculpt

Step 1: Contour the lips with Aqua lip #16C blend it with Precision Lip Brush #300.

Step2: Apply Artist Acrylip to the contour of the lips and gently blend it  towards the interior of the lips by using Precision Lip brush #300.

Step 3: Apply Artist Lip Balm to the centre of the lips, blend it with Artist Acrylip.