High Precision Lip Pencil

Draw perfectly. Define precisely.


Step by step

Learn how to apply High Precision Lip Pencil.

Steps 2 / 5:

With a perfectly sharpened lip pencil, line the center of the cupid’s bow and center of the bottom lip to establish symmetry. The bow of the lips should be 90 degrees or more. The peaks of the bow should line up with the nostrils.

Steps 3 / 5:

To create volume, connect the corners of the mouth to the cupid’s bow by drawing in fluid motions from the corner to the cupid’s bow and then from the corner to the center of the bottom lip.

Steps 4 / 5:

Next, line the corners of the top and bottom lip to establish the width of the lips, using the inner corner of the iris as a guideline. The corners of the lips should be in line with the inner corner of the iris. Blend the harsh edges of the lip liner with brush 302.

Steps 5 / 5:

Fill in the lipstick using brush 302.


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