Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)




第一步:運用防水唇線筆勾勒唇部輪廓,再用唇掃 #300暈開。

Step2: Apply Artist Acrylip to the contour of the lips and gently blend it  towards the interior of the lips by using Precision Lip brush #300.

Step 3: Apply Artist Lip Balm to the centre of the lips, blend it with Artist Acrylip.


Step 1: Apply Artist Lip Balm on the entire lips.

Step 2: With the Precision Lip brush #300, deposit a small amount of Artist Acrylip at the centre of the lower lip, then blend it outwards to create a shadow effect.

Step 3:  Deposit a big quantity of Artist Acrylip at the centre of the lower lip, then create a drop shape with the tip of the brush #300.