Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1Classic Application

Apply the blush on top of the cheekbone. Begin at the hairline and blend inwards to the apple  of the cheek.

Using Brush #150 : apply HD Blush with movements in the shape of an “8”.

Using the HD Sponge : with the curved end of the sponge, apply a small amount of blush by tapping onto skin. Then make light brushing movements to blend the color using the flat part of the sponge.

Face Shape:
Suits all face shapes.
Natural, defined result.

2Healthy Glow

Apply the blush to the apple of the cheek in circular motions.

Face Shape:
Suits faces that are long, because the face is widened by "cutting" it lengthwise.
Triangular, because the upper part is  reduced to emphasize the  lower part of the face.

It gives the impression of natural freshness without correcting the face too intensely.


Apply the product to the upper cheekbone, and be careful not to apply it on the area underneath the eyes. Then blend towards the temples (can also be stretched across the brow bone).

Face Shape:
Suits all face shapes.
It corrects pyramid shaped faces because it emphasizes the cheekbones, thus reducing the width of the jawbone.
It can also emphasize the result of the Healthy glow and Sculpting application techniques.