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Catch the light with STAR LIT EYE PALETTE
Catch the light with STAR LIT EYE PALETTE

Catch the light with STAR LIT EYE PALETTE

Inspired by the galaxy’s deep variations of lights, MAKE UP FOR EVER plays with radiance and shine and launches STAR LIT PALETTE. This new collection of gradient shine eye shadows features 18 celestial shades divided into six harmonies. Mix and match the artist-selected shades to create countless interstellar combinations.

Gaze at the infinite possibilities of illuminating looks: from subtle sprinkled stardust on your eyelids to bolder moonlight looks. Choose from the different textures of luminous matte, glimmering metal, and sparkling chrome, to pair and layer for tantalizing eyes. Dive into the Milky Way, illuminate your eye makeup and catch the light!


STAR LIT PALETTE has been smartly designed to be completely mistake-proof! The 18 luminous shades are divided into six harmonies of colors. Each harmony contains a matte shadow to wear as a base on the eyelid, a metal shade to add to crease and a chrome shadow in order to add sparkles to the look. Choose among the shades combinations - from light to dark including beige, brown or burgundy – to vary your easy three-step smoky eye! Try them all for endless shine!

The palette also comes with our makeup artists’ tips: three cards with trendy moonlit looks that will make your eyes shine. Simply place the card on your palette to discover the shades and techniques used to create the look and follow the easy steps. Pro result guaranteed!

Take your creativity a step further, and imagine your own combinations of colors for amazing bolder looks. Share them with the MAKE UP FOR EVER community using #catchthelight .

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