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MAKE UP FOR EVER and DJ FEDER launch the new vibrant music track "BREATHE"

MAKE UP FOR EVER and DJ FEDER launch the new vibrant music track "BREATHE"

With the new ARTIST COLOR SHADOW collection, MAKE UP FOR EVER and FEDER blur the lines between makeup and music.

The legendary ARTIST SHADOW range is now reinvented as ARTIST COLOR SHADOW, a collection of new 124 vibrant powder eye shadows (available in January 2018). The infinite mix possibilities of ARTIST COLOR SHADOW has inspired mix master and stage artist FEDER to create the next track “BREATHE”, inviting makeup and music fans to vibrate with colors and to create their color mix.

“I always associate music with colors and emotions, which are at the core of my creative process”, said FEDER. “I’ve been very inspired by the infinite color range of ARTIST COLOR SHADOW to create “BREATHE”; I love the concept of creating music inspired by the vibration of colors. I am thrilled to work with MAKE UP FOR EVER and to be part of the Tribe.”

To create a very impactful, inspiring and vibrant official music video for “BREATHE”, MAKE UP FOR EVER has also collaborated with British avant-garde photographer RANKIN. “From the moment I heard Feder’s track “BREATHE”, I wanted to make a film for it. It’s an immediate dance classic. I love what MAKE UP FOR EVER are doing with this type of project. They’re putting the art back into makeup marketing” said RANKIN.

Time to create your color mix! All makeup and music enthusiasts are invited to express themselves by creating their own color mix and sharing their personalized eye shadow palette on social media using #mycolormix.

Now, creativity has no boundaries.

#mycolormix #iamanartist


30 years old Hadrien Federiconi is the new name in French electro. With 3 multi-platinum singles across the globe and his track ‘Goodbye’ being the 50th most tagged single in the history of Shazam, this Paris based DJ is most definitely one to watch! His secret weapon? Thoughtful beats, addictive melodies and an innate sense of twisted synth sounds.

Regardless of his early success, FEDER thought about giving up music but before making his final decision, he released "Goodbye" in the summer of 2014. The single went platinum and straight to the top of the charts in 28 countries, including Russia, Turkey and then France. It was the prized #1 in the Spotify Viral Chart, #1 at Shazam for seven consecutive weeks and "Record of the Year" in 2015. To top it off, he was then nominated for "DJ of the Year" at the NRJ Music Awards. In 2016, the deep groove of "Lordly", featuring Alex Aïono, became the official anthem of the 2017 World Handball Championship. FEDER has now amassed an astonishing 250 million streams across just three singles, remixed for the likes of David Guetta and Rudimental, and he continues to tour some of the world’s most famous clubs and festivals.

Confident in his passion, FEDER does not intend to slow down, and his next goal is to show off his full range of musical talent with several EPs set for release in the months to come. After the uplifting dance vibe of "Back for More" (featuring Daecolm) reaching gold in France and yet another NRJ Music Awards nomination, he is now working on more hip hop sounds, without forgoing pop or future bass. "I try to weave my way through different electronic styles" he explains. Being open to the world, being curious, drawing inspiration from all forms of creation, this is FEDER's mantra. And he lives it every day. Learn more: @feder.music