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Spotlight on ULTRA HD and our tribe of unfiltered artists

Spotlight on ULTRA HD and our tribe of unfiltered artists

The Television and Film industry is constantly in motion, as technology grows more and more sophisticated and the cameras more and more precise. This has always been the challenge for Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER, “Makeup Artists have to keep pace with technology, and their techniques and habits must constantly change and evolve. Our role is to offer them modern, innovative solutions that meet their needs, solve their problems, and provide them amazing new perspectives.” To advance their quest for perfection, MAKE UP FOR EVER, is constantly updating, evolving and expanding its iconic and coveted ULTRA HD franchise.

In 2018, ULTRA HD range welcomes 3 innovative, 4K-compatible products: ULTRA HD UNDERPAINTING, ULTRA HD PERFECTOR & ULTRA HD SOFT LIGHT. These 3 new pro-approved products, allow everyone to create the perfect complexion and enhance any uniqueness, no filter needed. Thanks to 2 color correctors and 2 complexion correctors, the ULTRA HD UNDERPAINTING palette subtly corrects imperfections and let the facial features become like a sketch, ready to be created. ULTRA HD PERFECTOR is a new generation of perfecting skin tint and gives skin a soft glowing veil. To give an instant luminous glow, ULTRA HD SOFT LIGHT is the essential tool; this liquid highlighter enhances skin tones and adds touches of volume-enhancing light to the face.

Since its creation, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s aim has been to support all kinds of professional artists in all types of performances, while meeting the technical demands of Makeup Artists. In 2018, the professional brand works with the best, boldest and most authentic unfiltered Artists and Makeup Artists around, celebrating true universality and diversity. For the ULTRA HD campaign, MAKE UP FOR EVER has partnered artistic duos, featuring 5 emerging music talents and joining them together with super-influential Makeup Artists. BAY LI and KAYA NICO from THE SKINS rock band, JINJOO LEE, the explosive guitarist for DNCE, DAGNY, new promising artist of the Scandinavian pop, LEA MAKHOUL, already a star performer in the Middle-East; and LOTTIE STANNARD, American pro makeup artist performing in all stages, LINDA HALLBERG, pro makeup artist and inspiring beauty influencer from Sweden, TAEYUN PARK, pro makeup artist and complexion expert from Korea and BOUBA, pro makeup artist and masterclass superstar from the Middle East.

This tribe of artists symbolizes all the core values of MAKE UP FOR EVER - creativity, exuberance, positivity and passion - and shares through this campaign their authentic personalities: no filter needed. The professional brand supports everyone to free their true personality, unfiltered #BeYouUnfiltered.

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