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Spring Color 2015

Get unlimited lash and vibrant colors this spring!

Spring Color 2015

Get unlimited lash and vibrant colors this spring!

Who is the star topping the bill this spring? Color! Its brightness heightened by the sunlight.

Make a date with the star shades this season, such as pink and copper, revisited in rare tonalities to create makeup that’s present but transparent. With one thing in mind: to put all the focus on the lashes. “Most women really want a color that blends into the skin and dials up their lashes. It’s a lash culture,” Dany explains. “This is a style, not a fad.”

To go with this new color collection for eyes and lips, MAKE UP FOR EVER has created the Smoky Stretch Mascara. Inspired directly by backstage makeup expertise, in just one sweep this unique mascara can lengthen, separate and define lashes with professional perfection. The lash fringe has never been more enchanting.


Mascara smoky stretch: Lashings of style

Lengthen, stretch and separate! Smoky Stretch is the new workout adopted by backstage pros who want beautifully stretched lashes, with no clumps but strikingly beautiful length and curve. Just one color to master the intensity and get noticed in style: black, thick and intense, you can’t beat it.

Rouge Artist Intense:

The new fashion attitude is sober colored lips in a spirit of lightly hued nude. “Pearly Golden Pink” for lovers of cold tones, “Pearly Pink Copper” for fans of solar looks: there is a tonality to suit everyone. Regardless of skin color, the beautifully transparent finish means any mix goes.

Artist Palette Trio:

These three shades in rosy, coppery tones were designed to make color the superstar backdrop for lashes with even more wow factor than ever. Powdery “Fairy Pink”, muted “Magma” orange and “Copper Red”: these metallic-effect colors illuminate the skin with overdoing it, blending in and adapting to each complexion. Their versatile pearlizers play with the finish-depending on the light the color is not quite what it seemed. It is subtle, delicate, easy to adopt. To be worn alone or blended together to vary the sensations. There’s no limit to the combinations you can enjoy thanks to the silky effect of shifting color. The color is not bold, so no risk involved.




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