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Artist Shadows - Pop
9 Artist Shadow Palette

9 perfectly matched Artist Shadow to create 3 colorful looks.



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Step by Step

Learn how to reproduce the Bold Look by MAKE UP FOR EVER.        

Steps 2 / 5:

Apply Artist Shadow ME-302 to the inner and outer corners of the eyelid as well as the eye crease. Make sure the center of the eyelid is not covered.          

Steps 3 / 5:

Apply Artist Shadow ME-232 to the center of the eyelid, across the eye crease with a slightly upwards motion and to the lower lash line. Blend with the dark shade (ME-302).      

Steps 4 / 5:

Apply Artist Shadow D-552 to the brow bone. Blend it with the medium shade (ME-232).

Steps 5 / 5: The result

End the eye makeup routine by applying Smoky Stretch or Smoky Extravagant mascara for more intensity.  


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