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AQUA XL Eye Pencil
Extra Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil

This innovative formula offers extra long-last, ultra-pigmented colors and easy application, with an amazingly smooth glide.



Step By Step

Learn how to reproduce Charli XCX's Look step by step.

Steps 2 / 4:

Apply AQUA XL Iridescent Lagoon Green I-32 along the lower lash line. Stretch to the outer corner towards the temples and to the inner corner.    

Steps 3 / 4:

Draw a classic eyeliner line using AQUA XL Matte Pastel Yellow M-40 along the upper lash line.

Steps 4 / 4: The Result

Apply AQUA XL Matte Pastel Blue M-26 above the classic eyeliner along the crease of the upper eyelid. Intensify the eyes by applying AQUA Smoky Extravagant Mascara.


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