Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

Artist Liner
Intense pay-off gliding eye pencil

THE SUPER GLIDING EYELINER Outrageous black color in a super gliding, silky and blendable formula



Step by step

Get a mysteriously intense look.

Steps 2 / 5:

Blend upwards with a small flat brush.

Steps 3 / 5:

Trace a line along the base of the lower lashes with Artist Liner.

Steps 4 / 5:

Blend downwards with a small flat brush.  

Steps 5 / 5: Soft Smoky Liner Result

Looking for the lighter result, try out the Soft Smoky Liner. Follow the Intense Smoky technique, starting with a very thin line along the lashes. Or watch the How To video.


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