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Carole Rostaing

Carole Rostaing, make up artist

Former student of the Paris Academy (2008/2009)

I've kept from this year at the Academy memories full of learning and self-transcendence, the discovery of a passion and certainty to want to be part of this craft.


Grenoble, France

What did you do after graduating from the Academy?

After multiple experiences for video clips and photo shoots, I was lucky enough to do an internship on a long movie shot in France and Luxembourg during which I learnt a lot on Cinema. I then assisted for a few months one of the movie Make-up Artist on her own projects (ads, photo shoots...), then I've developed my own network working on short movies, films, photo shoots, video clips, TV shows...

My relationship with MAKE UP FOR EVER quickly caught up with me, as, on top of my freelance activity, the brand sends me to train its professionals worldwide.

I am also Affiliate Teacher at the Paris Academy.

Where does your passion for make-up come from?

The passion for make-up grew as I was practicing the craft. I waas attending a Beautician training but quickly realised this wasn't where I would find my path. While studying at beauty school, I was part of a theatre association: this artistic environment made me dream!

I took bits and pieces of both to make a life-changing choice: enroll at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy.
As the year went by, the different techniques learnt made it obvious that I was on a way to a long love affair with this craft and environments I was about to mingle with.

In less than four months, I went from completely different environments to environments: dancers, gymnasts, transformists, swimmers, models, musicians, actors, embalmers, clowns, aspiring Make-up Artists... What fascinates me is that a make-up product can be used differently by all these people for a different reason: to embelish, give a life-like impression or self esteem, transform, seduce, transcend...

My job makes me dream and I won't stop as long as it allows me to conquer different worlds thanks to the complex technique that transformation is and which has been going on since the dawn of time!