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Emily Edgar

Emily Edgar, make up artist


At the Academy, we don’t just teach makeup… We share our expertly developed techniques, encourage and develop the students’ creative abilities and focus on developing the best Makeup Artists out there! I am so honored to be able to pass on the techniques, creativity and passion of Dany Sanz, which has inspired me, to our artists.


Missouri, USA


Assistant Educator, MAKE UP FOR EVER New York Academy.
Her main responsibility includes teaching and training the students of the Academy, along with assisting the overall Academy in its daily run. Emily also pursues her creative work within the industry.

How long working with MAKE UP FOR EVER?

She has been working with the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy since 2012. Emily began her experience with MAKE UP FOR EVER in 2010, when she attended the Paris Academy.

Where did her passion for makeup come from?

It’s been a long love affair with makeup, stemming from an unfortunate adventure with a purple lipstick at the age of 8. The passion for makeup and creativity has followed Emily throughout her life, she is now able to share the passion, education and creativity of Dany Sanz at the New York Academy.


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