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Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans, make up artist


Tucson, Arizona


Educator at the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY NY and Makeup Artist.
Jen is a Teacher for the Long and Modular programs as well as working with PR for photo shoots and tutorial videos for the brand. She has traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Brazil, Mexico and Paris for educational and body painting events.


Jen began her journey with MAKE UP FOR EVER as a Head Makeup Artist in 2010. Having a background in Beauty, Fashion, Editorial, TV/Film and SFX; Jen was excited to learn Dany’s techniques and methods. Learning the powerful values of strong, purposeful techniques, being inspired by the unconventional and making an open space for creativity has been a strong creative influence for Jen since joining the MAKE UP FOR EVER Tribe.

Jen says this experience has opened her eyes to endless artistic possibilities, stretched her creativity and made her a much better Makeup Artist. She explains “It’s like knowing how to speak a language, but misunderstanding the punctuation, so you walk around yelling exclamations instead of placing inflections where they belong. Learning the incredible MAKE UP FOR EVER techniques Dany has created allows the punctuation to fall into place with purpose; enabling skillful, refined and creatively balanced expressions.”

Let’s find out where her passion for makeup come from

When Jen was 15, she was quite intrigued and fascinated by the beauty and texture created with fashion and transformational effects of makeup. She tried to understand the process that made drag queens look so feminine and beautiful and Actors look like someone different. She discovered she had a desire and passion to explore her creativity through makeup.

She developed her skills and fostered her talents by working as a Makeup Artist in the beauty and fashion industries before graduating from Cinema Makeup School where she studied all realms of makeup including SFX and prosthetics for Film.

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