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Juan-Carlos Salazar

Juan-Carlos Salazar, make up artist


Quito - Ecuador



Makeup Artist - Art Director
Actually Lead Teacher Make Up For Ever Academy NY - Intensive Programs    

How long working with MAKE UP FOR EVER?

Since 2005 like free-lance first and then full time Academy Director in Brussels till 2013.


Where does your passion for makeup comes from?

I think from my first "makeup applications » [the way to say coloring ;-)] on the covers girls magazines when I was 8 or 9 years old. You know, applying red lip stick with my schools pencils. I always loved drawing and modeling also with plasticine. I also played some amateur theatre when I was teenager and we used to wear some mustaches or draw some eyebrows to create some characters. I suppose all that confirmed later my passion for makeup. For me, doing professional makeup is having fun.