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Louise Favier

Louise Favier, make up artist

Former student of the Paris Academy (2010/2011)

I entered the Academy after obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting-Movie. I keep a very good memory of this year spent at the Academy despite the stress I sometimes felt. I met some amazing people, learnt the rules of a perfect hygiene for my tools (brushes and hands), and above all learnt our beautiful craft!


Sète, France

What did you do after graduating from the Academy?

After the Academy, I mainly did, and am still doing, make-up on sets (movies, video clips, short movies), and I also work in a photo studio, as a freelancer. I am also Affiliate Teacher at the Paris Academy. 

Where does your passion for make-up come from?

Makeup has, for me, always been synonymous with transformation, and fascinated me. I loved colors and mixing them. Younger, I used to stay in the bathroom while my mom was putting make-up on, and I remember drawing on paper with nail polish (which I bought with my own little money) and her make-up. Today I haven't  changed, I still do drawings with make-up (on facecharts)!