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Mylène RUAUX

Mylène  RUAUX, make up artist

Former student of the Paris Academy (2008-2009)

After completing four years of Applied Arts and two years at beauty college, Mylène entered the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy. She has been teaching at the Paris Academy for three years. “What makes this career so rewarding for me is passing on what we know. I work with that in mind, so that the students graduating from the Academy will retain and in turn pass on this idea of precision and humanity.”


Toulon, France.


Teacher for long training at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Paris Academy and professional Makeup Artist.

Working with MAKE UP FOR EVER since?

Mylène was student at the Paris Academy five years ago. After one year as a freelance Makeup Artist, she joined the Academy as a full time teacher. Her status of head of the class in body painting allowed her to be in charge of the artistic hub since 2010.

Let’s find out where her passion for makeup comes from

After four years studying applied arts and two years in aesthetics, it was obvious for her to combine arts and makeup in order to become a complete Makeup Artist.                               

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