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Nil Berkoz

Nil Berkoz, make up artist

Former student of the paris academy (2004-2005)

Nil’s artistic leanings impelled her to take a long training course at the Paris Academy in 2004. She is now a passionate and spirited teacher. Her motto is “Teaching others, but also learning from others!”.


Paris, France


She is a teacher in charge of the long training program and Makeup artist.
Nil is in charge of the different demonstrations of MAKE UP FOR EVER fundamental techniques, one of her many responsibilities is sharing Dany's spirit and spreading what a makeup artist life is about. She also participates to a lot of corporate events representing the Academy.

Working with Make up for ever since?

She has been working with the brand for 8 years. She started this wonderful experience as a trainer for French beautician schools and enhanced her skills by teaching at the Boutique then joined the Academy in 2009.

Let’s find out where her passion for makeup comes from

Her passion for makeup comes from her background as a stage artist (Theater / Ballet). She was fascinated by the backstage life. So makeup came naturally to her.


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