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Noémie Contessi

Noémie Contessi, make up artist

Former student of the paris academy (2011-2012)

After taking a degree in Visual Arts, Noémie joined class 10 at the Paris Academy. She was crowned World Body Painting Champion in July 2012 and became a teacher the following year. “If you asked me to describe the Academy in one word it would be transmission”.


Paris, France


Teacher for long trainings at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Paris Academy and Makeup Artist.

Working with Make up for ever since?

Noémie has been working with MAKE UP FOR EVER since 2012 doing a lot of exhibitions abroad (Berlin, Bologna, London…). She became a teacher at the Paris Academy in December 2012.

Let’s find out where her passion for makeup comes from

As far as she remembers, Noémie has always loved to play with makeup. She studied art from the age of 7 and her passion for it never stopped. For Noémie, makeup is the perfect bridge between beauty and artistry.

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