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Amanda .M

Amanda .M, make up artist

Summer School 2013

“I was working in a Medical Spa when I realized that I wanted to do something more artistic, which is when I freelanced for a makeup brand. I love makeup and really wanted to acquire professional techniques, so I did a little research on the Internet and read about the Summer School on the Academy’s Facebook page.

Having worked at Sephora, I knew MAKE UP FOR EVER and trusted them to deliver a solid training. Indeed, I had just got my makeup done in Sephora by a MAKE UP FOR EVER makeup Artist for my birthday.

All three teachers are very complementary and they make you realize that artistry and technique are very close together.
I absolutely loved the History of Makeup class, seeing the changes of makeup through the different eras, from Egypt to the twenties/thirties to nowadays. Makeup was completely different from one period to another, even very close in time.

If I were to sum up this training in a few words, I would say that it’s life-changing, awesome and challenging.”