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Clotilde Sourisseau

Clotilde Sourisseau, make up artist


"A former student of the Academy came to give a talk while I was studying to be a beautician. I listened to her in awe. That was the kind of professional I wanted to become!"

Clothilde waited two years to fulfill her dream. She enrolled in classes at the Academy in 2007.

"I draw a lot, and love Fashion and Beauty: Makeup combines my various tastes and satisfies my aspirations. I am currently freelancing as a Makeup Artist. I have remained close to the people at the Academy, and participate frequently. You never want to stay away from the Academy for very long: neither from the supportive faculty, with their keen eye and clearly expressed views, nor from Dany, who is the driving force that maintains their high standards!

If I had to characterize the Academy in a few words: Passion, Creativity and an ever-evolving Artistry."