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Deborah Moreno

Deborah  Moreno, make up artist


"I had been trained as a beautician, and I was bored to tears working at a Spa. I wanted something else...One of my customers told me about MAKE UP FOR EVER and the Academy. I wanted to be creative, to transform...so I decided to enroll. I was to find everything I was looking for at the Academy, not to mention a lot of hard work and very high standards!

After freelancing a lot - a veritable school for learning how to be quick and accurate - I entered an international contest open to students from around the world, organized jointly by MAKE UP FOR EVER and the producers of the Dracula musical. I was chosen as the head makeup artist for the musical.

I adore show business. I was a part of every stage of the creation, and directed an entire team of makeup artists. Had it not been for the internships arranged by the Academy, the pedagogical approach of the teachers here, and the support I continued to receive well after graduation, I would never have been able to develop the conscientiousness necessary to succeed in this field."