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Dumont Andrée-Line

Dumont Andrée-Line, make up artist

Former student of the paris academy (2007-2008)

With a literary and artistic training behind her, Andrée-Line joined the teaching staff of the Paris Academy in 2009. Mainly in charge of the Intensive Training Courses, she particularly relishes being faced with new makeup challenges each day and enjoys passing on her skills to trainees from all backgrounds, whom she encourages to give free rein to their creativity.


Lyon, France


She is a teacher in charge of the Intensive Trainings at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Paris Academy and professional Makeup Artist.


I freelanced, mainly in fashion and events as a Make-up Artist or Head Make-up Artist. I still work for photoshoots for ads or magazine editorials (Unspoken Mag NYC, Luxuriant Mag...), videos (interviews, music videos), catwalks: ready-to-wear (Head Make-up Artist on Christophe Guillarmé, Claudine Ivari, and other young designers) as well as more specific shows: French Haute Coiffure, Mondial de la Coiffure, Revlon shows, or on fairs: chocolate fair, lingerie and ready-to-wear fair, night clubs shows... And of course, I realize a lot of make-up for the general public for arties, weddings...

Working with MAKE UP FOR EVER since?

She has been working for the brandsince 2008. She began as soon as she ended school as an agent, representing the brand in beautician French schools through makeup demonstrations for students.
A year later, the Academy offered her a part-time position as a teacher. She has now been a full time trainer for three years, in charge of the Intensive Trainings and all of this while freelancing.

Let’s find out where her passion for makeup comes from

"It is interesting because nobody around me is a makeup artist or working in the artistic world, except my step-father who draws and paints". She always felt the need of colors and textures but he was bored by the flatness of classic paper. It came to her naturally to think about makeup then.

It has always been clear since her childhood, so she did her curriculum according to it: Art and English as main classes at school, beautician studies to enrich the knowledge she wanted before entering a makeup school, and put all the chances on her side.