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Fanny Dépée

Fanny  Dépée, make up artist

I have always been taken by Beauty and Elegance, in the true sense of those terms. My mother’s bathroom was my childhood Cave of Ali Baba. After getting my baccalauréat in Literature, I met a friend who was attending makeup school.

Learning that you could actually have a career in makeup was what started it all. With its endless range of possibilities, not a day goes by now when I would ever consider doing anything else.

When I deal with a face, it’s my first glance at it or the first movement my hand makes that determines the way I’ll make it up. It’s a new and different challenge every time, with a thousand details to orchestrate.

The Paris Academy helped me meet people who could help me launch a career, taught me a sense of responsibility, and the importance of using the proper tools. Dany’s presence floats above us all. To my mind, she is the incarnation of Beauty, hovering somewhere up in that “beyond” that we would all like to reach.

One word to characterize the Academy: Pleasure!