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Johanna Dodier

Johanna  Dodier, make up artist


I had wanted to work in show business from an early age on, but not the glamour and the bright lights part of it. I was interested in the nitty-gritty backstage.

I was eighteen, working on a degree as a beautician in La Rochelle when a makeup artist from MAKE UP FOR EVER came to give a talk. I’ll never forget the passion with which she spoke about her trade.

I enrolled in the Academy. I have to admit that the first year was rough. The pace was fast and I had no background to speak of, but I stuck with it and eventually did well. Then one day the Academy called to offer me a job as head makeup artist for the TV show Star Academy. I couldn’t get over it.… But that is what the teachers at the school do: they throw you out there, confident that you will succeed, because they know what you are capable of.

Today, I well understand the difficulties students face, having gone through it myself. I try never to let a topic go by without explaining it fully, never to leave a question unanswered. The art of makeup is filled with subtleties and pitfalls. It is as much art as it is craft, with all the facets of both.

It has to be explored with fervor and patience. If I had to characterize the Academy in just one word it would be “Work.”