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Karell Sénéchal

Karell  Sénéchal, make up artist


A career in make-up was hardly a sure thing to Karell, even though she worked as much as she could at her aunt's beauty salon to get some pocket money. To please her father, she earned a series of beautician's degrees. It was only after she had them in hand that she enrolled at the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY.

"It was a perfectly natural step for me; I was finally going to MAKE UP FOR EVER! I was already using their products then, and I love them even more now that I am a member of the Tribe!

The instruction given at the Academy is not purely academic. It involves the supervised application of what we are taught. They offer a great many inerships, which help prepare students for their professional lives. The people on the faculty aren't just gifted, inspired teachers. They are our guides and our coaches.

They have given me everthing: skills and support in starting out in a career. It is not the kind of place where you get professional training in exchange for tuition; it goes well beyond that. Years after my graduation, I know I can still turn to them for advice."

Today, Karell works as a make-up artist on the TF1 (french television channel) network television sets, in news programs, variety shows and video clips, as well as on photo shoots. She remembers her first of these, when she had to work on people color, and was completly lost. She called the Academy, and after a few words of advice, got on the right track. She hasn't been off it since!

Last of all, Karell speaks of the body painting she did for her final exam. "That was the most emotionally and physically draining day of my life, but it was also the best make-up day I ever had, and it made me so proud. After hours of intense work on my body, the tension finally broke, giving way to an enormous feeling of joy."