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Karen .C

Karen .C, make up artist

Summer School 2013

“I have always been fond of makeup and I like to apply it on family and friends. I love special effects and always create different makeup styles for Halloween. I would love to become a Makeup Artist and my dream is to work on movie sets.

As a makeup lover, I spend a lot of time in Sephora stores and I am familiar with the MAKE UP FOR EVER brand. When I saw on Facebook that the Academy was launching a Summer School, I registered straight away! A summer training is very flexible and a lot more convenient while being enrolled at Uni. I learnt so much in 8 weeks, it’s incredible.

You end up having a great overview of each topic, which helps you to determine what you like doing, what you’re good at and eventually what you can specialize in.

Demonstrations and corrections are precise and very complete thanks to the combination of three teachers. Each of them has a personal approach to makeup and gave me different tips that I found to be quite useful. I really liked the fact that we had different models, this enabled us able to work on different skin types and tones, which is amazing for a student.

You should see the “Table of Products”, there’s an astonishing range of products that changes along the different stages of the training!
This Summer School was intense, yet confirmed my passion and helped me determine my style.”