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Kathy .R

Kathy .R, make up artist

Summer School 2013

“My first passion is photography and I have now been studying it in Paris for the past 8 months, specializing in Studio (fashion and still life photography). I attended a makeup class in Venezuela, which definitely is my second passion in life! I wanted to follow a longer training and knowing the brand and products, I browsed the MAKE UP FOR EVER website and got a very positive feeling on the Academy.

I deepened my research and looked for Makeup Artists’ blogs. A Spanish renowned artist had set up a list of the best makeup schools throughout the world which only confirmed the top position of the Academy and my will to train there.

I chose the Summer School program: 8 very intense weeks! My first thought was that it was hard and that it would require all of my energy to focus, learn and carry out. But as weeks passed by, the teachers shared their knowledge with us and I felt that in the end, it was possible. You need of course to have a genuine sense of creativity and an acute artistic vision. At the Academy, you not only learn technique, but also how to become a real Makeup Artist with pros’ tips.

I was amazed to discover Oriental Bridal Makeup, such an unusual lesson! The theater and face painting classes were really good as well and totally opened my mind.

Makeup artistry could be seen as something fun and wild, but it is very structured and with the help of teachers, you master your training. Once you achieve that, you can let yourself go.”