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Poliana SOUZA

Poliana SOUZA, make up artist

How did you hear about the Summer School?

On the brand website.

Why have you registered for this program?

After much searching for schools in all corners of the world, I chose this program because it is the most complete in the area where I work and the training of teachers.

Had you done make-up before?

I graduated from the faculty of aesthetics and cosmetology, had a brief stay in make-up where I fell in love for the work and then decided to improve myself and work as a professional Make-up Artist. I work in salons and for brides.

What did you prefer during the Summer School?

Any area that involves make-up fascinates me, but I prefer brides and photo shootings.

What did you learn?

First met all brand products and learned how to use them properly. From simple fixes to major artistic productions such as special effects and face painting.

What do you want to do once your training is completed?

Continue to work, teach and learn more.

If you were to sum up your experience in a few words, what would they be?

Fantastic, exciting and unforgettable.