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Racquel ELLIS-BROWN, make up artist

How did you hear about the Summer School?

I saw it on the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy website.

Why have you registered for this program?

This program was more value for money as I was going to be taught a little about other areas of make-up I had not learned about in my pervious course.

Had you done make-up before?

Yes, the one month Beauty/Fashion course at the Academy. 

What did you prefer during the Summer School?

I really prefered the Special Effects, but I loved the entire training though.

What did you learn?

I learned how to apply myself professionally, how to do a full and correct make-up application based on the structure of the face, and to not be afraid of the colors, how to use the MAKE UP FOR EVER line of products correctly and lots more.

What do you want to do once your training is completed?

Do another. I would love to build a successful career with the skills I have been taught.

If you were to sum up your experience in a few words, what would they be?

My Academy experience was a wonderful experience filled with happy memories. My course as helped me to build my skills and my confidence. The hands on training and the support from my teachers was what I needed and what worked for me. The teachers and the staff were very professional and very understanding, they were welcoming and available to help with make-up and non make-up issues  as well. I will always remember my MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Summer School experience as I learned so much and it was also fun filled.