Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

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1The Look

Learn how to create rounded eyes,  a cracked head and a heart shaped mouth for a fantastic yet universal Doll look. A enchanting new character for this year's Halloween party!



1Doll Lips

Cover the lip with Mat Velvet using a Round Synthetic Sponge (Use the same shade used fot the complexion).  Then powder with some Super Matte Loose Powder using a Powder Puff.


Draw the lip contours using Aqua Lip 13 such as to accentuate the Cupid's bow of the top lip. Blend toward the center of the lips. Do the same with bottom lip.

1Head Cracks

Draw the cracks where you want to position the cracks using a white Kohl Pencil.


In order to give perspective to the cracks, apply White Flash color along some crack lines using Brush #220.



14Complete look

To finish the whole look, blend a mix of Eye Shadow #136 & #67 above the browbone using Brush 128.

Apply Eye Shadow #60 using Brush #106 on the browbone.

Now blend the two colors together using Brush #152.

Spray the same brow area with Mist & Fix and blow on a little Glitter.


© Photos by Clovis Lalanne