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Viktorija Tagajeva

Viktorija Tagajeva, make up artist


Ogre, Latvia


National Training Manager and Makeup Artist.
Her responsibilities include adapting the Training Manuals as well as training the Internal Makeup Artist Team, Beauty Consultants, free-lancers and  students of the Make Up Schools, Pro staff for TV chanels, etc.  She is brought to travel around Russia from Khaliningrad to Vladivostock to train and participate in different types of Public and Pro events.

How long working with MAKE UP FOR EVER?

Victoria acquainted herself with the MAKE UP FOR EVER products at a master class given by  Roberto Albertini in 1998 where she learnt about the legendary Dany. Her idea of ​​happiness is fully in line with Dany's values – she fell in love with all the products at once.
From then on, she worked closely with MAKE UP FOR EVER's Pro Boutiques in Riga. In 2004, she joined the team in order to modernize and develop the training process at Rig's Make Up School.

In 2008, MAKE UP FOR EVER opened in Moscow and a year later Viktorija joined the Tribe.

Where did your passion for makeup come from?

She was 8 when she discovered that she wanted to work in the fashion industry. She decided to pursue her dream and enrolled at the School of Fashion and Fine Arts, combining her studies in high school.
There she fell in love with makeup and graduated in1996.