Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions



Clean the upper and lower lashes using an Eyelash Brush with a little mascara.

Apply False Lashes #026 and #110 along the upper lashline, and False Lashes #134 along the black arc shade below the lower lashes.

Add White Kohl Pencil to the waterlines.


Tip /

To accentuate the rounded shape of the eyes,  trim the upper False Lashes at the corners.





1Head Cracks

Draw the cracks where you want to position the cracks using a white Kohl Pencil.

14Complete look

To finish the whole look, blend a mix of Eye Shadow #136 & #67 above the browbone using Brush 128.

Apply Eye Shadow #60 using Brush #106 on the browbone.

Now blend the two colors together using Brush #152.

Spray the same brow area with Mist & Fix and blow on a little Glitter.


© Photos by Clovis Lalanne