Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)



1The Look

After you prepared your skin by applying a Step 1 Primer (choose the Primer that suits your skin type) :
1 – Apply the foundation using brush #108 from the center of the face and working outwards, blend into the ears to even the complexion out.
Don’t forget the area underneath the eyes and the eyelids.
2 - Continue with the chin and the facial contour, blending into the neck.
3 - Follow with the forehead, blending evenly into the hairline.

1 – First, apply the concealer using brush #170 on the deepest area under the eyes and blend outwards.
2 - Apply corrections where needed (around the nostrils, chin or imperfections).

Apply HD Powder using Kabuki brush #124, starting at the center of the face, working outwards using sweeping movements.










Correct and define eyebrows with Aqua brow. Use the angled eyebrow brush #270 and apply a small amount of product in any sparse areas, then blend for a natural result.




1 – Apply Artist Liner, starting at the center of the eye and working towards the outer corner of the eye.
2 - Work from the inner corner of the eye, connecting the lines in the middle until you have created a solid line.
3 - Extend the line upwards at the outer corner, more or less, and create a comma.




Apply  the mascara on the upper and bottom lashes.
Upper lashes :
Begin on top of your lash line and brush the lashes from the top and at the root of your lash line upwards.
Continue  underneath the lash line applying  the mascara from the root of your lash line towards the end of your lashes stretching them slightly outwards.

Bottom lashes :
Looking up, apply mascara on the bottom lashes with the tip of the brush.
For a glamour look, apply the mascara only on the externe corner and be careful not  to overcharge the lashes, so you won’t  darken the expression of the eyes.


Using brush #144, apply star powder #946 to the upper cheekbone, then blend towards the temples

Be careful not to apply it on the area underneath the eyes.



Apply Rouge Artist Intense #23 on the lips.


Apply White kohl #2K in the center of the lips.