What inspires the artists at MAKE UP FOR EVER
What inspires the artists at MAKE UP FOR EVER

What inspires the artists at MAKE UP FOR EVER

We asked the makeup artists and educators at MAKE UP FOR EVER what inspires's what they told us:

Inspiration for me, starts with visual and audio sensory perception of color, fine art, patterns, architecture, music, nature, and literature. The world around us, mostly beautiful but sometimes grotesque, either way I find it all encompassing and incredibly inspiring.

Lijha Stewart, Director of Education and Artistry for North America

I am inspired daily by the colorful street art that covers my city! The textures, the placement, the color, the breaking of the rules!!

Jayme Arrasmith, Head Makeup Artist, MAKE UP FOR EVER King of Prussia Boutique

I am inspired by my surroundings - whether it's nature, fashion, art, architecture, and definitely people. I believe when pushing creative boundaries, you must seek inspiration in anything and see what manifests.

Donna DeLia, Head Makeup Artist, MAKE UP FOR EVER SoHo Boutique

I'm very inspired by nature. I love to look at aquatic creatures and plant life for interesting textures and color combinations.

Nicholas Lujan, Assistant Managing Educator, Retail

I’m always inspired by the makeup artists, educators, colleagues and mentors I have the good fortune to work with. It's not only what they create but their commitment to mastering their craft, openness to learning and generosity in sharing their knowledge.

Jessie Powers, Managing Educator North America Sephora & SiJCP

What inspires me is nearly everything in life. I can walk down the road and see moss growing and engage in its texture and hues. I am fondly inspired by high fashion, music and movies. All which are genres that gather inspiration from the world. You look, you touch, maybe smell and can be taken away. The battle of light and dark take me away the most.

Jasmine Ringo, Head Makeup Artist, MAKE UP FOR EVER Las Vegas Boutique