Your Most Pressing Makeup Questions Answered By Lijha Stewart

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro & Media Educator Lijha Stewart answers your most pressing makeup questions.

Your Most Pressing Makeup Questions Answered

Your Most Pressing Makeup Questions Answered

By Lijha Stewart

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro & Media Educator Lijha Stewart answers your most pressing makeup questions.

Questions from Facebook fans:

Maricruz S. “How often should makeup brushes be washed? And how?”

You should clean your makeup brushes at least every other week. You can wash them using a gentle shampoo with water and let them dry overnight.

Noelia T “I love makeup forever but I need to know what can I use for dark circles under my eyes and dark spots I need a good concealer??”

You can use Full Cover Concealer. this is an opaque water proof Concealer that gives extreme coverage over all imperfections. 

Judy D. “I love all products. What should I use for foundation that will cover my age spots and sun damaged skin? My skin is oily in T Zone and I have deep wrinkles. Should I be using powder on top foundation? Thank You.”

Mat Velvet + Foundation this is a med to full coverage mattifying foundation. It’s long wearing and great for oily skin types in all weather conditions. You may like HD powder to finish, your foundation it smooth’s over fine lines and blurs imperfections on the skin.

Kelli L “How can you create a look to make your eyes look larger?”

Try our Classic Lift technique.  It contains a few simple steps to enhance and define your eyes. You can use a plethora of shades. It’s the application technique that will make your eyes appear larger. Check out our Classic Lift technique video!

Megan B “What would you say are some good pointers for a stay at home mom to look her best at all times? What are some good basic necessities that will make me look put together on a whim?”

Megan you need Great Skin, defined eyes, and a go to lip!
The trick is finding a routine that fits into your schedule. Mothers should get ready first thing in the morning, ideally before the kids wake so you have no interruptions.  Start with skin, Find a foundation that is light and easy to use, and will stay on all day. I love Face and Body Foundation; it’s a sheer coverage, light weight, long wearing foundation.  When you’re in a pinch for time Curl your lashes and apply Mascara if nothing else. When you a have a few more minutes try Aqua cream #15 across your eyelid (it’s a taupe shade) and a black or brown liner to define your lash line (like Aqua Eyes 0L or 25L) and your eyes with Mascara. My favorite on the go lip is Rouge Artist Natural lipstick; its light weight and non-sticky plus it comes in a ton of shades.

Monica P “What is the best technique to find your undertone?”

We have undertones that don’t change, this is hereditary and usually similar your family members. We also have overtones this is based on our lifestyle i.e. Sun exposure, diet, and other external factors. The combination of these two tones helps you to find the perfect foundation shade.
To find your undertone Look at the back of your wrist. If your veins appear blue/purple you are a cool undertone. This may also mean that silver jewelry flatters your skin tone more than gold.  If your veins appear blue/green you are a warm undertone. This may also mean that gold jewelry flatters your skin tone more that silver.

Kelly P “I have had many makeovers but no one knows how to do my freckle face without covering them up completely! I love my freckles and like a natural look. Do u know any tips on having a beautiful face with freckles?”

Freckles are beautiful! And my best trick to keep them front and center is a sheer foundation. Try our face and Body; this is a long wearing sheer foundation that covers redness while allowing your “skin” to show through. It’s like a sheer silk stocking for your face!

Questions from Twitter followers:
diandra ‏@diandraN26 @MAKEUPFOREVERUS .. How do you get foundation R make in general to stay on and look flawless for long hours?

This is about the balance of the skin. Start with a great skincare regimen. Next Prime the skin if you are oily you will want something mattifying (try our All Matte). If you are dry you may want a primer with hydration and smoothing effects (try our HD Primer).  Next apply your foundation with a brush for a professional finish and wear (try our #108 Flawless foundation brush). You can also set with a powder if you are combination and oily (try or HD Pressed Powder). Also a setting spray like our Mist and Fix is great for all skin types and really locks your foundation in place.  Next try not to touch your face throughout the day. If you need to touch up for a freshly flawless look, absorb excess oil with a tissue and apply Pro Finish Powder Foundation with a fluffy brush.

Amy ‏@AMYetcetera @MAKEUPFOREVERUS How do you find the perfect shade of red? I'm still looking!

Flip your wrist over. The color of your veins will tell you what shade looks best.  If they're blue-based, that means you have cool undertones and cool reds with neutral and blue undertones will look great on you (Try Rouge Artist Intense #42). Are they more green-based? This means you have warm skin tone, and warm reds with neutral or orange undertones should look great on you (Try Rouge Artist Intense #45). Keep in mind that fairer complexion should look avoid reds with anything too pink (Try Rouge Artist Intense #43). If your tone is more medium, then a darker blue-based red will flatter you best. Darker skin tones should go for an orangey-red.

Joanna G. ‏@missjojo84 How do you know what eye shadow placement technique to use on an eyeshape RT @MAKEUPFOREVERUS: Ask (cont)

If you have large eyes try our Smokey technique, if you have small eyes try our classic lift technique or Smokey Contrast Technique. You can watch our videos online for a step by step tutorial. And keep in mind these techniques can be done in any shades of eye shadow.

Holly ‏@prismperfect5 @MAKEUPFOREVERUS Makeup Artist: What's the most foolproof way to cover up a blemish to make it look natural?

Spot covering can be tricky…. Use a small tapered brush spot touch over the “red” area then tap and feather the edges until they disappear into your skin. Try not to actually touch the “red” as to not lift the foundation.

Sabrina Oh ‏@proper_ending @MAKEUPFOREVERUS How do you avoid cakey flaking patches of foundation throughout the day?

This has to do with your skins PH changing throughout the day. Try a balancing moisturizer and our HD Elixer this helps to stabilize the skin for a more consistent wear of foundation. Also Mist and Fix is an excellent stabilizer and finishing spray.

natalie sales ‏@nataliesales @MAKEUPFOREVERUS how do I keep my foundation from separating on my face? I have fairly oily skin on my T-zone but I get dry elsewhere.

Create a more balanced canvas with a hydrating moisturizer on your cheeks and a mattifying primer through the center of your face (try all Mat).