step by step

Steps 2 / 13:

Apply Primer Step 1 and a suitable foundation, concealer and powder. Use a suitable eyebrow pencil to reshape and define the eyebrows.    

Steps 3 / 13:

Apply Artist Shadow I-662 to the upper eyelid using brush #228. Apply Artist Shadow I-662 to the inner corner of the lower lash line using brush #208. Apply Aqua Eyes 10L to the upper lash line.      

Steps 4 / 13:

Apply Artist Shadow I-524 to the eyebrow bone, then blend with Artist Shadow I-662 using brush #228.    

Steps 5 / 13:

Mix Artist Shadow I-662 & S-102, then apply to the head of the eyebrow using brush #212. Then blend with the previously applied eyebrow pencil.      

Steps 6 / 13:

Apply Artist Shadow S-102 to the lower lash line and the outer corner of the upper eyelid using brush #208: -Lower lash line: blend downwards with brush #208. -Outer corner of the upper eyelid: blend towards the temple and into the eye crease to create a crescent shape using brush #230.        

Steps 7 / 13:

Apply a thin coat of black Smoky Lash to the upper and lower eyelashes.    

Steps 8 / 13:

Apply False Lashes C-802: -Use the tweezer applicator to apply the false lashes to the natural eyelash line. -Then apply the inner followed by the outer corners of the false lashes.      

Steps 9 / 13:

Draw an eyeliner line to conceal the false lash strip. Apply black Khôl 1K to the waterline for a more intense look.      

Steps 10 / 13:

Classic Blush: Apply HD Blush 210 to the cheekbones from the hairline towards the center of the face using Kabuki Brush #102. Blend the Blush with figure 8 motions.  

Steps 11 / 13:

Apply Artist Plexi-Gloss 105P to the lips using brush #304.    

Steps 12 / 13:

Apply Diamond Powder 11 to the center of the upper and lower lips using brush #304.