You make me blush January 31, 2014

Blushing brides, the first blush of Spring, blush wines… and of course, MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush.

You make me blush

January 31, 2014

Blushing brides, the first blush of Spring, blush wines… and of course, MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush.

Inspiration is a funny thing.  Sometimes it comes from nowhere like a summer storm. Sometimes it bubbles and boils for a while, needing to mijoter before it all comes together. For the first time, when asked about the inspiration behind the new creamy MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush range, Dany Sanz, the Founder and Artistic Director of the brand, confessed that she preempted that usual flash of lightning this time around. 

“Though I am usually very inspired to make new products, this time around my ‘inspiration’ was far more pragmatic. I was motivated to create this product to meet my fellow pro makeup artists’ needs. We launched the HD range a few years ago but, after a lot of back and forth conversations, it was clear that one thing was missing from HD. A cream blush.”

Created to give flawless results used under the harsh scrutiny of high definition camera lenses - so for film, TV and photo shoot use - the range includes foundation, primer, powder & blush.

“They were all constructing their own make-do HD blush. Trying to reproduce the natural flush of cheeks, they were mixing our HD foundation with creamy colour, adding a drop of Chromatiques, our straight pigments, or a splash of oil to powder blush – makeup artists are highly creative people, especially when they need something that doesn’t exist! – but obviously, it was time-consuming and not always precise.”

High definition lenses are quite unforgiving. Nothing slips under the radar. So HD makeup has a lot of criteria to adhere to.

“It has to camouflage and hide imperfections, even everything out, and make the skin look perfect, the flush look natural. Everybody needs makeup on film, even men. But nothing can be visible on the skin. So when you have extreme close-ups, everything must blend in and look totally natural. HD foundation makes the skin look so uniform, the blush has to give life to the face without standing out. A tall order!”

The HD concept was conceived for makeup artists, but savvy women have discovered that it can make them look pretty fabulous in their everyday lives.

“The HD lighting technique is very close to daylight – it can be harsh, as is the case with direct sunlight, or cold, and quite grey, which doesn’t make us look our best.
I was surprised at first to see women adopting the product when not on-camera, but then it made sense. Our eyes are excellent HD cameras when we get close, so with an HD foundation, an HD cream blush, you look fantastic yet nobody sees you had a little help. Normal blush is made to be seen, to add color. But HD gives just a hint. Not shimmering, no visible color, no glitter, just a healthy glow.”