Shader Brush - Small - 220   

Small, flat, firm and round-shaped brush.

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Step by Step

Learn how to make your eye color « pop » and soften you eye shape with this easier-to-wear-color Halo step by step.

Steps 2 / 7:

Apply a colorful shade along the upper and lower lash line: Upper lash line : Thicker on the outer corner of the eye getting thinner to the center. Lower lash line: thin on the inner corner getting thicker on the outer eye corner.    

Steps 3 / 7:

Blend the colorful shade (applied on step 2). Upper eyelid: blend it up to the crease Lower eyelid: blend it downwards    

Steps 4 / 7:

Apply a similar shade on top of it to intensify the makeup.  

Steps 5 / 7:

Apply a medium shade into the crease and blend it upwards to the direction of the brow arch. It is possible to apply this color on the lower eyelid and blend it downwards and into the dark shade.    

Steps 6 / 7:

Accentuate the brow bone with a lighter shade and blend it with the medium shade.  

Steps 7 / 7: Result

You may finish your makeup by applying a dark eye pencil on the water and lash line to intensify. Then apply Mascara.  


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