Eyebrow Pencil   

Highly concentrated in pigments, the Eyebrow Pencil formula ensures a long-lasting hold. Its texture is suitable for all skin types.

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Step by Step

Learn how to create perfect eyebrows in 5 steps.

Steps 3 / 6:

The arch to the tail is the area that has the least hair, it is the area we want to fill in with the most product. To have a natural result, apply the product on the arch area and blend it towards the tail.

Steps 4 / 6:

Add some product (if necessary), and apply the product into the body of the eyebrow, and blend it towards the arch in order to have a natural result.

Steps 5 / 6:

With the rest of the product on the brush, fill in the head of eyebrow. Pull the product until the arch of the eyebrow.


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